Activities and Community vs Loneliness and Isolation

People tend to resist the change of moving into Senior Housing and Assisted Living.  Once they do make the change, we hear over and over again that they shouldn’t have waited so long.

Life in a community like ours gives men and women the warmth of social interaction that they often don’t get as they age in the isolation of their single-family homes and apartments.

Feeling lonely?  Just stroll or wheel down the hall to the common area and you will likely find someone with a smile for you.

Regular scheduled outings happen all the time at Kiva Assisted Living.   When an older person is aging and becoming more disabled and isolated, it is difficult to maintain social ties, to get out as often to restaurants, plays, and presentations.  At a well-run community, outside activities are on the calendar all the time.

Which brings up the fact that often those who stay isolated in their single-family house may not eat much, might not store their foods properly, or might just stick to snacking on the wrong things.

At an Assisted Living Facility like Kiva, residents receive meals and snacks that treat their taste buds and their bodies to variety and nutrition.

Change is difficult. And deciding to move into a senior community is a big change.   Our residents will tell you, it is a change for the better.  Most enjoy their lives more.  They have a better mix of privacy and community, rest and activity.

So stop procrastinating, a full and enjoyable life is waiting for you or your loved-one at Kiva Assisted Living.