Kiva Newsletter

Kiva Newsletter – March 2024

Greetings from Kiva!

The theme of this month’s newsletter is …. Out of loss can come great beauty.

This truism is brought home through the actions of a grieving family and a stellar caregiver. Please refer to the testimonial from John Tymann, printed herein, on the passing of his mother.

There is beauty in the eloquent words used to express a family’s loss. And beauty in the expression of gratitude for the care given by a dedicated staff and the Best Administrator in the State of Florida!

John’s mother was with us less than a year; however, during that time her laughter, smiles, dancing !  – and her special kind of joy lit up our home in ways not seen before.

We like to believe that John’s letter captures the true feel of Kiva. A small home, caregivers like family members, with Mother Cindy not afraid to take time to provide comfort to family day or night as necessary. 

While we may wish for the most elegant surroundings for our loved ones when such a transition becomes necessary, our residents want only to be safe and to be loved.

We love our family at Kiva!!

Kiva Newsletter

Kiva newsletter – October 2022

Greetings to all of you from Kiva!!

WHEW!  Are we glad that’s over!  Hurricane Ian has come and gone – leaving devastation throughout Southwest Florida. Many of our neighbors are suffering greatly through personal and property loss. We stand ready to help in any way we can until things show some semblance of order again.

BUT, we are pleased to announce that Kiva came through the storm like a champ! With our new generator, installed after Irma, we were able to shelter in place, with the same comforts and safety we enjoyed prior to the storm. We were even able to accommodate several family members whose personal residences will require some rehabilitation.

Our facility sustained no damage, just a large limb from the oak tree in our back yard, which our versatile Administrator, turned lumberjack, and her assistants were able to clear in short order!

Of course, Cindy and several of her staff overnighted until the danger was past, giving additional comfort to our residents. It’s great in circumstances like this that we have such dedicated management and staff. They are the best!

Please remember that, as we enter the Fall and Winter months, Kiva offers superior care at fixed rates with no increases, all in a home-like atmosphere. We would love to give a tour to anyone who feels that they or a family member would benefit from our services.

Kiva Newsletter

Kiva newsletter – April 2022

Kiva Visitation Guidelines

Greetings from Kiva! It has been one entire year since our last Newsletter. The challenges of the past 12 months have taken many forms, mostly resulting from continuing to deal with the effects of the Virus and its several variants.

We are pleased to report that all challenges have been met with and we have emerged victorious. Our facility continues to be updated, our staffing shortages are being overcome successfully and most importantly our residents continue to receive the superior care for which Kiva has become known.

All resident rooms and common areas have been re-surfaced from carpet to faux wood, providing a more hyper-allergenic environment. All residents and staff are protected from the virus and the entire facility undergoes a continual cleansing to ensure it is free from contaminants.

We continue to follow state and CDC guidelines regarding access to the facility during this Covid era. Accordingly, the Governor has signed SB988 requiring that we post on our web site the newest guidelines, which follow:

  1. Residents may have visitors between the hours of 9AM and 9PM, if they so choose.
  2. Residents may appoint no more than 2 essential caregivers, who may visit daily if they so choose during the visitation hours.
  3. Kiva will educate visitors on screening protocols and policies regarding infection control, hand washing, masking, etc.
  4. Visitors will be asked to conduct their visits in the resident’s private room or else in a private designated area.
  5. Visitors will be advised if there is an active Covid case in the facility.
  6. Visitors will be denied entrance under the following conditions:
    • If they have tested positive for the Virus
    • If they have Covid symptoms, a temperature over 100.3, a cough or shortness of breath
    • If they have been in close proximity with someone infected with the Virus

As always, we look forward to seeing and answering questions of anyone interested in our facility.

Kiva Newsletter

Kiva Newsletter for April 15, 2021

Here we are in the Spring of 2021, officially one year since the world was devastated by the virus, but a time when hope “springs” eternal, as they say.

Kiva is certainly showing its bright side, with beautification projects both inside and out, new residents bringing their smiles and personalities to intermingle with the old – and generally an “opening up” of our home, both emotionally and physically!

Kiva is following the guidelines given by the Governor’s office by expanding visitation for families and friends. Virtually all of our residents have been fully vaccinated , along with most of our staff. Even so, we continue to practice maximum hygiene, with constant cleaning, use of masks and distancing and temperature checks on all visitors.

One of our senior caregivers, Justina Gonzales, has accepted the position of Activities Director, bringing her bubbly personality to one of our most important positions. Also, at the request of several of our more agriculturally-turned residents, we have begun a raised gardening program, which is already showing results with tomatoes, bell peppers and a variety of herbs.

Kiva’s warm, home style atmosphere has never been more evident, as reflected in the daily lives of our residents. To witness the love and caring that is Kiva, call Cindy or Gwen today to arrange either a virtual or in-person tour of our little heaven!

Kiva Newsletter

Newsletter for January, 2021

Whew! Happiness is 2021! Kiva has weathered the storm of the 2020 virus – and we are dedicated to regaining the normalcy enjoyed by our residents previously.

As of this week, all of our residents have received the first of the two-shot Pfizer vaccine, with the final shots scheduled for February 7.  Any new resident can take advantage of that schedule to receive their first shot on that date and the final shot three weeks later.

We continue to abide by the Governor’s visitation restrictions, permitting one visit per week until the state’s vaccine program provides a greater sense of protection to the general community.

So we are seeing more people out and looking for a safe and comfortable home for their loved ones. Just recently we welcomed our newest resident (s) . Miss June and her lovable companion , her 11- year- old Dalmatian, into our suite, to the delight of the rest of our family!

Kiva is back to normal and Spring is on the way! To learn more about the Kiva experience, call Cindy or Gwen today!

Kiva Newsletter

Newsletter for October, 2020

As we enter into the fall season at Kiva, we continue to benefit from the hard work and innovation of Cindy and her staff!

First, and most importantly, we remain covid-free among both residents as well as staff. Nothing is more important than the health of our family. We have established protocols for visits between residents and their family members and friends, which are to be scheduled and take place on our porches outside in the rear of the facility.  Those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity should contact Cindy or Gwen.

The virus is affecting life at Kiva like everywhere else. We regret that the Christmas Party has been cancelled out of an abundance of caution. We have had the party every December since 2008 and are sad not to be holding it this year.  However, our residents are staying busy with the assistance of our newly appointed Activities Director, Jennifer Johnson. Seasonal decorations continue as a source of inspiration and of course we all look forward to a return to normalcy in 2021.

Meanwhile, renovation and beautification are on-going. We have made the decision to convert all flooring in carpeted resident rooms to laminated “wood” flooring as the rooms come available. It is not only more attractive but more hygienic than the carpet.

If you are considering Kiva as a home for your loved-one, you should know that, even though physical tours are still not possible, Cindy can provide you with a virtual tour through the use of your smart phone. At this moment we have both private and semi-private rooms available, both at our reasonable rates. And remember that at Kiva, the rate never increases for as long as you are a resident!

Kiva Newsletter

Kiva Inaugural Newsletter June 19, 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter, where we hope to inform our followers from time to time of current happenings at Kiva!

Of course, everyone is acutely focused on making sure the covid-19 virus is kept at bay. Kiva is proud to report that as of this date we have zero problems with either staff or residents! This is a tribute to Cindy and her staff, who put in many hours each week in deep cleaning and restricting access to only those support professionals necessary to the continuation of the business.

On a happier note, we recently welcomed our first new resident since the shut-down began – Ms. Dottie Meads! Her family has brought her piano and she is now entertaining everyone with her considerable musical talents. Thank you Dottie!

When the lock-down is over we look forward to showing off our renovated activities area, main entry and central gathering area, and our TV room. Updated furnishings and wall and window coverings, along with original artwork created and contributed by Virpi Scarborough, have given the living areas a fresh, modern feel. And more is coming in our Memory Care wing!

We hope and expect that the Fall will bring with it our ability to open up and welcome visitors to Kiva once again. Finally, we want to offer a heartfelt thank you to our current families for respecting and enduring the restrictions imposed on us during these trying times.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon.

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