Kiva Newsletter

Kiva Newsletter – March 2024

Greetings from Kiva!

The theme of this month’s newsletter is …. Out of loss can come great beauty.

This truism is brought home through the actions of a grieving family and a stellar caregiver. Please refer to the testimonial from John Tymann, printed herein, on the passing of his mother.

There is beauty in the eloquent words used to express a family’s loss. And beauty in the expression of gratitude for the care given by a dedicated staff and the Best Administrator in the State of Florida!

John’s mother was with us less than a year; however, during that time her laughter, smiles, dancing !  – and her special kind of joy lit up our home in ways not seen before.

We like to believe that John’s letter captures the true feel of Kiva. A small home, caregivers like family members, with Mother Cindy not afraid to take time to provide comfort to family day or night as necessary. 

While we may wish for the most elegant surroundings for our loved ones when such a transition becomes necessary, our residents want only to be safe and to be loved.

We love our family at Kiva!!