Kiva Newsletter

Kiva newsletter – October 2022

Greetings to all of you from Kiva!!

WHEW!  Are we glad that’s over!  Hurricane Ian has come and gone – leaving devastation throughout Southwest Florida. Many of our neighbors are suffering greatly through personal and property loss. We stand ready to help in any way we can until things show some semblance of order again.

BUT, we are pleased to announce that Kiva came through the storm like a champ! With our new generator, installed after Irma, we were able to shelter in place, with the same comforts and safety we enjoyed prior to the storm. We were even able to accommodate several family members whose personal residences will require some rehabilitation.

Our facility sustained no damage, just a large limb from the oak tree in our back yard, which our versatile Administrator, turned lumberjack, and her assistants were able to clear in short order!

Of course, Cindy and several of her staff overnighted until the danger was past, giving additional comfort to our residents. It’s great in circumstances like this that we have such dedicated management and staff. They are the best!

Please remember that, as we enter the Fall and Winter months, Kiva offers superior care at fixed rates with no increases, all in a home-like atmosphere. We would love to give a tour to anyone who feels that they or a family member would benefit from our services.