Kiva Newsletter

Newsletter for January, 2021

Whew! Happiness is 2021! Kiva has weathered the storm of the 2020 virus – and we are dedicated to regaining the normalcy enjoyed by our residents previously.

As of this week, all of our residents have received the first of the two-shot Pfizer vaccine, with the final shots scheduled for February 7.  Any new resident can take advantage of that schedule to receive their first shot on that date and the final shot three weeks later.

We continue to abide by the Governor’s visitation restrictions, permitting one visit per week until the state’s vaccine program provides a greater sense of protection to the general community.

So we are seeing more people out and looking for a safe and comfortable home for their loved ones. Just recently we welcomed our newest resident (s) . Miss June and her lovable companion , her 11- year- old Dalmatian, into our suite, to the delight of the rest of our family!

Kiva is back to normal and Spring is on the way! To learn more about the Kiva experience, call Cindy or Gwen today!